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The quiet traditional village of Megalochori is home of one of the oldest wineries in Santorini, run by the Gavalas family the very same family that owns the Assyrtiko and Vinsanto villas. Through five generations of winemakers, we have produced the wide range of splendid wines based on indigenous Santorini grape varieties, mainly Assyrtiko, Aidani, Mandilaria and Mavrotragano. Being thoughtful and focusing on the sustainability of local grape varieties we adhere to a limited annual wine production. We invite you to visit our boutique winery in Megalochori where you can taste some of the best wines produced in Santorini.

Our white wines

We specialise in vinifying a classy Assyrtiko grape vine, originated from Santorini where it grows in arid soil rich in volcanic ash and in hot and dry climate conditions. Dry white wines produced in our winery are characterised by high acidity, long aftertaste and different twists in flavour from citrus to vanilla depended on the type.
The second most known vine variety from Santorini is Aidani which we vinify to delicate wine of a fruity character with aromas of jasmine and lemon blossom.
In order to show the full potential of local varieties we are the only winery in Santorini to vinify the rare Katsano grape. As a result, we get a refreshing medium body wine with delicate aromas of white flowers that pair well with sea food, fish and salads.

Our red wines

The indigenous Mavrotragano vine grows exclusively on the volcanic island of Santorini where it was once under extinction. Its thick-skinned small berries resulting in an elegant dry red wine, which is dense and deep in colour with a concentrated aroma of black fruits, herbs and sweet pepper. When mixed with other varieties, Mavrotragano changes the wine characteristic to less acidic with pleasant body and soft tannins.
Our dry rose wine Voudomato produced from an ancient and extremely rare grape variety found mostly on the island of Santorini. The wines produced from Voudomato grapes are velvety smooth with fruity aromas of cherries and pomegranate.
Our naturally sweet white wine Vinsanto is produced from overripe sun-dried white grapes, mainly Assyrtiko mixed with Aidani and Athiri varieties. A glass of Vinsanto is a perfect match with any dessert or blue cheese as well as sipped on its own.

To visit our family boutique winery, go to, where you can find out more about our wines and history behind them.


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